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Our flagship products include industrial videoscopes (MV series, PV series, and HV series), police camera equipment & videoscopes (including under door scope, gun barrel bore scope, infrared night vision videoscope, etc.), and videoscope accessories.

Independently developed and manufactured by us, our range of industrial videoscope supports working continuously for 2.5 hours. It is easy for operation due to its user-friendly design. Additionally, the portable videoscope is available with built-in batteries, and integrates functions such as image display and processing as well as articulation angle control. The digital LCD ensures satisfactory visibility in case of poor ambient light.

The camera installed in our videoscope features ultra-small size, high resolution, and high cost-performance. With small size, the camera can be inserted into narrow space. Its resolution ranges from 62,500 to 2,000,000 pixels. It also supports the adjustment and switching of normal/low light mode and white balance mode. In addition, we have developed and produced interchangeable lenses meeting the observation needs in various occasions.

The flexible insertion tube and tungsten wire braided anti-wear insertion tube have excellent resistance to oil, weak acid, and weak base. The tungsten braiding greatly improves the abrasion resistance of the insertion tube and makes it more durable.

In terms of image settings, our videoscope is designed with menus in both Chinese and English. It also supports capturing, saving, recalling, and deleting. Bidirectional copying between the videoscope and a computer can also be achieved via a card reader, which facilitates archiving.

Apart from videoscopes, we also offer rigid casing, semi-rigid casing, universal bracket, aluminum instrument case, and other related accessories.

As to system integration, YANSHUN has brought in innovative changes. We introduce the dual-core processor and customized Android operating system into the industrial videoscope field, making industrial videoscopes more intelligent and specialized by providing them with more value-added, extended functions.

YANSHUN, a professional videoscope supplier in China! Always at your service!

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